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April 29 2017

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this is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever seen goodbye

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Antilopen Gang - Patientenkollektiv ⚠️  genius.com/Antilopen-gang-patientenkollektiv-lyrics
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Result of 5 Kilo Bones, 10 Liters of Water and 20 Hours of heat: Nice #Paleo #Breakfast - Now 2 more hours of #Cooking for the rest -> Remouillage and #Polpettone #BoneBroth #Brodo

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April 28 2017

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10 South Korean LGBT activists have just been arrested by police when they walked into a national security press conference where a major president candidate, Jae-In Moon, was giving a speech. The protesters demanded for his apology for his previous statement that he ‘does not agree with homosexuality’. Currently, all president candidates except for 1 publicly stated that ‘they do not agree with homosexuality’ and would not push for anti-discrimination bill that will protect LGBT Koreans.

Please spread the word! A lot of people don’t really know about how LGBT rights are quickly deteriorating in South Korea right now.

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A micro-crack in steel

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The Next Step! Bang & Olufsen’s Button-Free Beoplay P2 Speaker

Known for their bold and brilliant creations in sound, Bang & Olufsen are back today with their latest and greatest. Today we get our first look at The Button-Free Beoplay P2 Speaker. This unique design is their most simple and most intelligent design to date, rocking design from the award-winning Cecilie Manz.

The new P2 speaker features impressive sound that comes from a pearl-blasted aluminum and leather construction. The button-free design makes for interesting controls, letting users simply tap on the frame to play and pause tracks or shake it to skip them. Users can also customize the intuitive controls via the BEOPLAY app, all while rocking impressive sound quality and a stunning design. This is nothing short of impressive and worth your time and effort. Check out the design in short video below and look for the P2 now at Bang & Olufsen!

A New Kind Of Speed! The Tesla T1 Concept

The good folks over at Tesla are no strangers to amazing design and stunning speed. Today they are back, offering up their latest design, which is set to take over the track at the 2030 24 Hours Of Le Mans. Today we get a look at The Tesla T1 Concept. This eye-catching machine is Tesla’s take on what the future of racing could look like, rocking a unique design that uses free-standing wheels with in-wheel vertical turbines. The design was originally created for the Michelin Design Challenge 2017.

The design features air ducts and large turbines at the rear of the car that creates more power on the way to over 1,340 hp. The ride only weighs 900 kg and features a set of Michelin tires to keep things grounded. Intense and eye-catching, the future of speed is looking pretty good! Check out the new creation in the images below and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Learn more from Tesla right now!

Photos: Omar Alfarra Zendah

Classic Comebacks! The Reebok Alien Stomper “Final Battle” Pack

Reebok returns today, just time as we patiently await the latest version of ‘Alien.’ Today Reebok returns with a look at a new Alien Stomper that are inspired by quite an iconic moment in the film franchise. The Reebok Alien Stomper “Final Battle” Pack was inspired by the last battle between Ripley and the Alien queen from the 1986 James Cameron movie.

The pack features two color schemes, a yellow pair that brings to life the Powerloader machine Ripley used. The second is a sleek black pair that was inspired by the Xenomorph Queen. The kicks are set to drop on July 18th, the date of the ’86 Aliens film, and in perfect timing with the latest rendition. Have a look at the interesting new design at the short video below, as well as some images and let us know your opinion while you’re here. Learn more from Reebok now!

Photos: Reebok

New Week, New Sounds! stupidDOPE’s Weekend Playlist Vol. 58 | Spotify Stream

It’s that of the week once again. That time when we dig through the new releases in the world of music and compile the best of the best for your listening enjoyment. The stupidDOPE Weekend Playlist is back, and this week we have new material from the likes of DJ Khaled, the A$AP Mob, Kid Ink, Wale, Gorillaz, SZA, Young M.A, Sean Paul and others.

We’ve also got some older gems that include tracks from Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Kodak Black and many more. Don’t take our word for it, check out the Weekend Playlist in the Spotify stream below and enjoy your weekend!

Internet = International Network

(Dafür nich.. )
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Outdoor Style & Function! The BAPE Outdoor Collection

Spring and Summer means it’s time to enjoy some time outside. Getting outdoors is a must as the weather warms up and you will certainly catch us somewhere, doing something these days. Well, today BAPE returns, adding some style to your next outdoor adventure with The BAPE Outdoor Collection. This unique new collection finds BAPE pairing up with the camping experts at HELINOX for their first collaboration.

Along the way, we find some unique creations including the Chair One, Table One, Chair Mini and the All The Way Square Bag. Sadly the tent will not be released, though there also is a range of accessories in collaboration with Nalgene, Klean Kanteen, Chaco, and Leatherman. Throughout we find these accessories and designs boasting BAPE’s iconic camo print. The collection is set to drop this Saturday, April 29 in limited quantities at BAPE retailers; the sandals come in May.

Photos: BAPE

A Look Back At History! The Best Of Russell Westbrook From The 2016-2017 NBA Season

You can say what you want about Russell Westbrook, but you can’t say that he hasn’t had one hell of a season. Russ single-handedly dominated the court night in and night out and did so without much rest throughout. With his Oklahoma City Thunder now out of the NBA Playoffs, today we get to take a nine-minute look back at his historic feat this season.

Russ was not only the first player to average a triple-double for a season since Big O did it in ’61-62, though suffering a first-round elimination from the Playoffs. Have a look at the energetic and eye-catching clip of Russ doing his thing below and stay tuned for much more from the NBA Playoffs and the MVP race coming soon!

Photo: Jack Dempsey/Associated Press

Style & Design! The Wooden House By Studio Pikaplus

We’ve seen some beautiful homes in some stunning setting, but never have we seen anything like this. Today we get a look at The Wooden House By Studio Pikaplus. This beautiful home is found in a clearing of a Slovenian forest and uses a vertical pentagonal shape for an intriguing design that maximizes the small plot. The exterior walls feature a black metal construction while inside soft wood meets a glass facade for some brilliant views.

The home was designed to provide the feeling of being outdoors, doing so effortlessly and beautifully. The design makes for breathtaking views from the living room, dining room, and kitchen on the ground floor, as well as from the bedroom upstairs. There is also a bathroom and sauna, but don’t worry, those are concealed for privacy. There is also a small deck that allows for entertaining or simply relaxing. Have a look at this beautiful home below and learn more about the home from Studio Pikaplus.

Photos: Miha Bratina / Studio Pikaplus

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