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October 17 2019

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October 12 2019

marshmallows yum
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grill mandala
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October 11 2019

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Listen: stupidDOPE Weekly Playlist Vol. 37 | Apple Music Stream

It has been another great week for music. The 2019 BET Hip-Hop Awards were a highlight, and we got to see Megan Thee Stallion in action, DaBaby get down in three performances, and Travis Scott win Hip-Hop Album of the Year. You know we had to represent them in stupidDOPE’s Weekly Playlist. Rapsody also took […]


Bird Has Flown! Nas’s Sweet Chick Restaurant Opens In London

Comfort food has found a gourmet ally at Sweet Chick, a restaurant co-owned by music artist Nas and restauranteur John Seymour. Sweet Chick offers chicken and waffles as a staple, but is not simply that. It offers down south gourmet taste. Having great success in their 5 U.S. locations, 
Seymour thought it would be a […]


Beast On Wheels! Land Rover Black Mamba Defender 6×6 Truck

Black Mamba brings to mind a Quentin Tarantino villain more than it does a vehicle, but that is what we have today. Classic Overland who takes classic Land Rover Defender 110 SUVs and totally remakes them, has given a rare, 1980s Defender the flip. The Georgia, USA brand found this low mile Defender in South […]


Listen: Wale – Wow… That’s Crazy | Album Stream

Wale has found his groove with his latest mix of sounds, and hit us with some dope leading singles lately like Poledancer featuring Megan Thee Stallion, and On Chill with Jeremih recently. These hits hail from his new album Wow… That’s Crazy that sees Wale at a self-admitted best when it comes to confidence and […]


Nice Crib! IKEA x Virgil Abloh MARKERAD Collection

If you need to pimp your pad, and are on a shoe string budget, then IKEA has been the place to get it done in style. More so than ever, now that fashion designer Virgil Abloh has thrown his designs into the mix.  Meaning marked in Swedish, this 15 piece collection entitled MARKERAD is aimed […]


Get Acquainted With A Legend at the Russell Athletic Pop-Up | NYC

When you think about Russell Athletic, the first word that should come to mind is “legendary”. The famed sports brand has been around for over a century and is responsible for a staple piece of clothing, the sweatshirt. The sweatshirt was a solution to a sports problem and has become a favorite in everyone’s closet. […]


October 10 2019

Great Expectations! Oprah Donates $13 Million To Morehouse College

I mean what is $2.7 billion without someone to share it with? That is Oprah Winfrey’s story, and she is indeed sharing. She has donated the largest cash infusion to Morehouse College in history. Morehouse, an all-male Historically Black College in Atlanta, has turned out reputable alumni who have inspired many to donate like billionaire […]


Living Large! $50,000,000 Aston Martin Miami Penthouse For Sale

It is expected that residences in Miami named after the illustrious car brand Aston Martin would be as posh as their vehicles. If you surmised that, you would be absolutely right. Going far beyond luxury though, the Aston Martin Miami Penthouse spans three floors of the residences, for 20,000 square foot (ca. 1,858 m²) of […]


Bold And Aggressive! 2020 GMC Acadia Denali Luxury SUV | Test Rides

Currently, we are whipping around the 2020 GMC Acadia AWD Denali SUV. It is a pleasure to drive when it comes to comfort, and is loaded with features that turn long rides into awesome getaways. This midsize SUV impresses at first sight with 20″ machined aluminum wheels, and chrome accents on the Denali grille, badging, […]


Illuminating! Plus Pool Installs Artistic Water Quality Tester In NYC’s East River

Conservation is becoming a mainstream idea which is the only way we will save Earth, our home. A company called Plus Pool (+ Pool) in collaboration with PLAYLAB, INC., Family New York, and Floating Point has created a simple way for the public to see our impact on the environment from their idea that is […]


October 09 2019

#cologne flyby
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visiting agfa hc offers always nice views on river rhine
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Watch: Summer Walker – Playing Games feat. Bryson Tiller | Music Video

Summer Walker kicked the door in when she got to it. She has been featured on and has features from the likes of Rick Ross, Drake, Usher, 6lack,  A Boogie wit da Hoodie, and more. She is back with a new album entitled Over It, that is poised to be sitting atop the Billboard charts […]


Poetic Lines! BMW Reveals First Ever M8 Gran Coupe Editions

BMW is surely coming with the rides for 2020 and the BMW M8 and M8 Competition Gran Coupes are not an exception. These totally new coupes are beautiful with silhouettes that speak to the speed and the quality that BMW puts in its vehicles. A double bar grille, M Sports exhaust, carbon ceramic brakes, 20-inch […]


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