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January 26 2020

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January 25 2020

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January 24 2020

Creative Spotlight: Makin’ Meat Pies with Jake Harvey

For many gourmands here in the South, Atlanta is widely respected as one of the nation’s best places to go full-foodie. In the never-ending quest to discover the top-grade tastes in the city, I stumbled upon one of the best-kept secrets that remedy many of the breweries without in-house kitchens. Meet Jake Harvey. Jake is […]


Listen – stupidDOPE Weekly Playlist Vol. 51 | Apple Music Stream

So let’s get right to it. Eminem’s unexpected album Music To Be Murdered By has a tracklist, and guest list that is just as unexpected. Today we add his track Unaccommodating that features Young M.A, in verses that let everyone know their mics will never be silenced. Eminem joins a wave of MCs that remain […]


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Liberty Fairs Debuts ‘The Stocked Shop’ Consumer Experience in NYC

Trade Shows have been an important part of the fashion and retail narrative for years. While some may argue direct-to-consumer activity is the wave, Liberty Fairs continues to do its due diligence in the trade show market. The trade show set up shop at New York City’s Pier 94 venue space this week with a […]


Gone Green! IKEA Vienna Westbahnof Store Abandons Parking Areas

IKEA is aiding in Austria’s conservation. Recently, the brand revealed plans to create their first store there that will have no parking. This will encourage shoppers to take more sustainable means to get there. Instead of parking lots, IKEA’s city-centre Vienna Westbahnhof will have sport more than 100 trees that will also help air quality. […]


The New Toyota RAV4 Limited Hybrid is a WINNER! | Test Rides

As auto manufacturers continue to make the shift towards fully electronically powered lineups, the general populace has reaped the benefits of hybrid technologies. Last week, we were able to rail the ultra-capable 2019 Toyota RAV4 Limited AWD SUV around Atlanta, and we were impressed. The 2019 RAV4 unquestionably surpasses anticipation where style, and seamless hybrid ability […]


Watch: Rick Ross – Summer Reign feat. Summer Walker | Official Music Video

Rick Ross keeps the hits coming from his 2019 Port of Miami 2 album. Four videos in, Rozay drops off a fifth video treatment with the single Summer Reign. It features none other than Summer Walker on a track with a sample from SWV’s “Rain” from 1997. Summer sings about showing the love if you […]


Snowmobiling with Team GMC in Colorado! | Video

For many of us, the winter season breeds wanderlust like it’s an occupation. The desire to do something novel became very real as I touched down in the Coloradan ski haven known as Vail. Known around the globe for packed snow runs paired with positively prime dining, this otherwise sleepy town is also synonymous with […]


Up, Up, & Away! Airlander 10 Airship by Hybrid Air Vehicles

The prototype and conceptual vehicles that have been revealed this year are incredible. While some are just ideas, others await production like Hybrid Air Vehicles’ Airlander 10. Once referred to as the Flying Bum, the airship/plane hybrid has been refined with an electric outlook for future production models. Thus far, the hybrid vehicle uses diesel […]


Brunch is Better with La Fête | Video

Brunch is synonymous with slow mornings and even slower afternoons. The foodie scene here in Atlanta is alive and well, but when you can catch a home-cooked brunch session, make haste and get to hanging with the squad. No brunch is complete without a spirited pairing, so after hearing through the grapevine of the menu’s […]


January 23 2020

Da ist es zu hell, aber nicht buntblinkend. Kostüme ohne Katzenohren und unironische Krawatten. Mit polierten Macbooks zum rasieren, aber keine bestickerten Thinkpad-Ziegel zum firewall-bauen. Der gesunde Kabelsalat wird schamhaft von den angeheuerten Messebauern versteckt. Akkurat aufgereihte Hochglanzprospekte, aber niemals ein handbeschriebenes, angegaffates "Back at 2100(ish)" Schild aus dem Deckel eines gebrauchten Pizzakartons.
Und die wundern sich, dass sie kein Personal finden. 

The Giving Continues! Nike x Pigalle Pastel Basketball Court in Paris

Nike and Pigalle have been around the world. First off, they are giving areas without basketball courts a place to play, and they are also adorning the basketball courts with a bit of color. So far, the colorful court collaboration has touched down in Beijing, and Mexico City, now they reveal a new basketball court […]


Her POV! Brooklyn Museum Celebrates Women In Art with ‘Out of Place’ Exhibition

Out of Place: A Feminist Look at the Collection is arriving at the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibition will focus on women’s art that is rarely seen. Whether the art is has not been celebrated due to the artist’s gender, controversial materials, or unusual content, the museum will exhibit a healthy amount of it. Out of […]


Levels to This! Estudio MMX Creates the CBC House in Mexico

Estudio MMX has designed a new home near Mexico City that evens up the urban surroundings where it is based. The CBC House has a focus on a rich garden that lets the owner forget they are in an urban environment. The architects created the home in an L-shape with a generous multilevel terrace. Elaborate […]


Leaps and Bounds! Lexus Creates Moon Mobility Concept Designs

Lexus makes cars with a focus of helping you experience amazing. The luxury vehicle brand is throwing in on the futuristic concept like others in the game with their space vehicle fleet. Taking their idea of luxury to the skies, Lexus is using their LF-30 concept vehicle as a springboard for a line of space […]


Giving Propers! Converse Chuck 70 ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ Limited Collection

Since 2013, Converse has been appreciating shoe styles of the past in their ’70s style high top. As the first widely adopted sneaker by the NBA, Converse is building on that appreciation in their Breaking Down Barriers Sneaker Collection. Approaching Black History month in February, the collection shows respect to the first African-American players integrated […]


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